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Bored Cat Milk Bar!
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Cats are more badass Party machines than all the monkeys that walk around here.
Drink milk and party all day long and toss around with mice ... this is our way of life.
No hangovers. We Promise !

Bored Cat Milk Bar

BCMB is a unique collection of wild CatBros, a NFT generative art project stored safely and securely on the Polygon blockchain and hosted on OpenSea.

made with love

This BCMB CatBro NFTs has the purpose of making the people smile and build a strong Community.
With over 2 billion possible combinations from 180 attributes of 7 different categories, each cat is randomly generated creating a beautiful
and unforgettable digital collectible to liven up every crypto enthusiast’s heart.

BCMB presale

Presale of the Bored Cat Milk Bar - BCMB - Originals Collection on the 04.12.2021 at 17:30 (UTC). Original and handmade CatBro NFTs! Mint Price ~ 0.02 ETH.